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Did You Know? – 3 Shocking Facts about Vision

1. Vision occurs in the brain “Our eyes do not see, but we see with our eyes” (Walls, 1963) Our eyes do not see images. They see light. It is the brain that processes it to form an image. Think of the eye like a camera. It captures the light and sends the information to […]

Tip #5 for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision

The 5th tip would be – Create the Right Environment The environment you complete your sessions in is very important. Try to make sure that you are free from distractions. This will help you complete the session in a single sitting. In addition, make sure the room is not too brightly lit. The dimmer the lighting […]

Tip #4 for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision

Tip #4 for top performance; we think won’t come as a surprise: Try Not to Break Up a Session You might be tempted to take a break in the middle of a training session and come back later. This is something you must avoid doing – it’s similar to a workout session – if you […]

Tip #3 for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision with GlassesOff

Taking the first step is the hardest, but once you’re in the program it’s up to you to progress. Here is the 3rd tip for getting the most out of GlassesOff: Complete At Least 3 Sessions a Week Consistency is huge, just like it is in any training program. With GlassesOff, users are learning new […]

Tip #2 for Achieving Sharper Near Vision with GlassesOff.

Last post we introduced the first change that you can make to achieve the sharpest near vision with the GlassesOff app. This is tip #2, you know it from the sessions’ instructions – Continue Using Distance Glasses While you should avoid wearing reading glasses and glasses with multifocal lenses, we do recommend that you continue […]

Tips for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision.

So you’ve decided to take control of your vision and you registered for GlassesOff. You breezed through the vision evaluation, received your personal training plan and now you’re motivated to train that brain. But, is sticking to your training plan enough to get results? The answer, in most cases, is yes. However, there are some […]

GlassesOff Beta for Android is here!

We’re happy to announce that the GlassesOff  Beta app for Android has been officially launched in the Google Play Store. This new version includes the basic elements of the iOS version with a fresh new look and is now available in the Google Play store to download for free! This 1st version supports high end […]

Start 2014 in a sharper resolution

New Year’s resolutions are all about changing your quality of life – making the upcoming year better than before. For this reason alone – GlassesOff can be the perfect, life changing resolution. There are other reasons that can help you with this choice- It takes 12 minutes, 3 times a week for about 3 months. […]

GlassesOff is live on the Appstore

GlassesOff, the scientifically proven iOS app that improves your near vision sharpness, has officially launched in the App Store. We are excited to finally make this amazing scientific breakthrough available to the public and help people take control of their vision. If you are experiencing natural age-related changes when reading, then the GlassesOff app is […]