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Guidelines for best results

Avoid using reading/multifocal glasses
And if you absolutely cannot avoid them completely, try to at least minimize the usage as much as possible.
Click here to find out why and how to make this easier to accomplish.

Continue using distance glasses
Users who wear distance glasses or contacts on a daily basis can and should keep them on during the sessions.

Complete at least 3 sessions a week
Preferably every other day. Please note that this is the minimal recommendation. If you want to complete one session every day, be our guest.

Avoid taking breaks during sessions
Taking breaks in the middle of sessions interferes with the application’s efficacy, so please try to avoid taking breaks as much as you can.
If you find your eyes getting especially tired or teary, you can take a few seconds to rest them before you tap again to elicit the stimuli presentation (i.e. Gabor and his friends).


  1. Avoid strong surrounding light – the dimmer the better.
  2. Make sure your device screen is clean.
  3. Keep the device 15 inches (40cm) from your eyes.

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