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Over 90% success rate

To date, practically anyone who completed the GlassesOff personalized training program has been able to improve near vision sharpness and reading capabilities. In a recent study conducted at the University of California Berkeley, all subjects, previously unable to read standard newspaper-sized fonts without reading glasses, were able to read freely after the GlassesOff program.

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Judith S. Age 52
I began training following a referral by a colleague, and since then, I haven’t used reading glasses for anything! I can now read newspapers and books, even at night with no strain, and with much less fatigue than I did prior to GlassesOff.
David S.  Age 54
I used to have problems reading at night. After obtaining prescription reading glasses, I heard of GlassesOff. After training for just a few weeks, I noticed that I no longer required my glasses to read at night.
Sophie V. Age 53
For the past few years, I have been reliant on multifocal glasses. I decided to give GlassesOff a shot, and after playing for four months, my vision has improved significantly. Today, I can read and write text messages on my iPhone without my glasses!
Jacob S. Age 58
As an electronic technician, I’m required to inspect electrical diagrams that often contain small fonts and symbols. Until recently, I’ve needed reading glasses to see the diagrams more clearly. Although I began the program with extreme skepticism, the GlassesOff program has enabled me to lose the reading glasses once and for all.
Gilad A. Age 44
I’ve heard of GlassesOff only after I started using low prescription glasses for reading at night, when the letters in my book became blurred. After training for just few weeks I started feeling that I do not need my reading glasses, and today I don’t even remember where they are.
Nili S. Age 47
As an interior designer, I need to review many architectural blueprints. Since completing the GlassesOff training, I can work again without my reading glasses. More importantly, I can read longer without the strain my reading glasses put on my eyes.
Margo M. Age 50
I enjoyed completing the vision training sessions in the mornings. After 12 or 13 weeks, I’ve seen improvement in my near distance vision. I can read print in books at night time without using reading glasses. Overall, I feel that my near vision has improved, especially after 1st month of practice.
David K. Age 68
For the last 8 years I’ve been using reading glasses and my prescription has increased from 1 to 1.75. I used to have as many as 8 pairs of reading glasses: one at the office, house, car, etc., but never could find them when I needed them… Following two months of intense training, I can read, dial and text on my cellphone without glasses.

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