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What is the GlassesOff Vision Evaluation?
The GlassesOff Vision Evaluation is a patented technology intended to assess users’ reading performance. It is the ‘first stage’ of the GlassesOff application that helps build users’ personalized program and accurately predict their expected benefit.
What is special about the GlassesOff Vision Evaluation?
The evaluation can be performed quickly and easily with a mobile device from the comfort of your own home or office, in just under 5 minutes!!
How does it work and how long will it take?
The evaluation comprises dynamic presentations of both single and multiple visual targets, thereby measuring your current reading performance that serves as the base for designing your personalized program and determining your personal forecasted benefit. .

This dynamic presentation assesses multi-dimensional aspects of one’s reading capabilities, including reaction time, contrast sensitivity, crowding perception (the ability to identify letters within a crowded text). ,.

We know people these days have busy schedules, and since we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and ability to adapt to the needs of our users, we have created a short and intuitive evaluation that provides results in under 5 minutes.

Vision Evaluation Outcome:
The vision evaluation will rank your reading state using five categories, ranging from complete dependency on reading glasses to total freedom reading glasses.
Pretty amazing, right?
Our next post will include details about the forecast created after the evaluation, so stay tuned!


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