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Revolutionary science delivered directly to your iPhone

Human vision is limited by two main factors:

  • The quality of an image captured by the eyes.
  • The image processing capabilities of the brain as it interprets an image captured by the eyes.

GlassesOff scientists have developed
a proprietary method for improving near vision sharpness, by improving the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain.

Customized For You

Each brain is unique and capable of change –
GlassesOff is an adaptive application, tailored
to your unique vision performance and
constantly adapting according to your progress.

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Scientifically Proven Product

GlassesOff technology and methods are based on decades of scientific research and achievements in the field of neuroplasticity – the ability of the human brain to change as a result of one’s experience, that have been published in leading scientific journals, such as Nature, Science, PNAS, Vision Research, Scientific Reports and others.

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Success at Your Fingertips

Don’t give in to age-related vision deterioration

  • hp yellow bullet small1 Learn More Android12 minutes, 3 times a week, 3 months – play the game and collect points to dramatically
    improve your near vision sharpness.
  • hp yellow bullet small1 Learn More AndroidFree yourself from the dependency on magnifying devices such as reading glasses.
“Since GlassesOff I do not use reading glasses for anything! Nor do I need them.”
Judith S.
Age 52
“I saw a noticeable difference, not only in my ability to read, but in the amount of light I needed to do so.”
David S.
Age 54
“Today I can read messages on my iPhone, which was impossible just a few months ago.”
Sophie V.
Age 53

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