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Ranking and writing a review for GlassesOff in iTunes

Step 1: Open iTunes

If you don’t already have iTunes, you can download it by going to: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

Step 2: Log in to iTunes


If you don’t already have a login, click on the “Create Apple ID” button.

Step 3: Find GlassesOff in iTunes

Just type “GlassesOff” in the search field and then press the “Return” key. Rate

You will be taken to a page with two options. Select the iPad version if you have the iPad version of the application and the iPhone version if you use the iPhone or iPod 4G.


Step 4: Download GlassesOff to your iTunes

Select the appropriate version of the application and it will take you to the application page. You can download GlassesOff to your iTunes even if you’ve already downloaded it from the App Store on your device.

Click on the “FREE” button.


Step 5: Rate GlassesOff

You can only rate GlassesOff after you’ve downloaded it within your iTunes account. These ratings are very important and determine success in iTunes. If you have this email, it means we think you have seen success with GlassesOff and would love to have your positive feedback reflected on our iTunes page!

Click on the star of your choice.


You will notice the stars are gold and your rating will be added to the ratings chart when it updates at a later time. The only way you will know if it has been recorded is if the “Thanks!” shows up.


Step 6: Write a Review

Writing a review is a great way to express exactly why you gave GlassesOff the rating you chose. This is really useful for other users and potential users so they hear from users who have seen benefits with the application. It also makes a huge difference on whether or not someone considering the application will download it.  Rate

You will have to rate the application again and choose the number of stars you give it. Then you can explain why you gave it the rating you chose.  Rate

Click “Submit” and your review and rating are sent to Apple!

That’s it! You’re finished!

Thank you for Rating and Reviewing GlassesOff to help us get our application out to the world!

We look forward to seeing your incoming sessions and thank you for being part of the GlassesOff community!