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GlassesOff – The app that will make your reading glasses a thing of the past

Eliminate your dependency on reading glasses in just a few
simple steps:

    • Install the GlassesOff application.
    • Complete an online vision evaluation.
    • Start improving with our patented
      game-like sessions .
    • Once you reach your target point level,
      you are “GlassesOff”.
    • The natural age-related changes in
      your near-vision would be a thing
      of the past.

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Who should use GlassesOff?

If you are one of the hundreds of millions people around the world who experience the inevitable natural age-related changes in reading abilities, or if you anticipate such deterioration in the near future, then GlassesOff is the product for you.

People usually turn to GlassesOff once they experience some of the following symptoms, when reading:

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Blurred near vision

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Tired eye

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Slow reading

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Success at your Fingertips

Don’t give in to age-related vision deterioration

  • 12 minutes, 3 times a week, 3 months – play the game and collect points to dramatically improve your
    near vision sharpness.
  • Free yourself from the dependency on magnifying devices such as reading glasses.

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The Program
Learn how GlassesOff makes reading glasses a thing of the past.
The Science
Learn about the science behind GlassesOff.

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