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Human vision is limited by two main factors:

The quality of an image captured by the eyes.
The image processing capabilities of the brain as it interprets an image captured by the eyes.

People can impact their vision by increasing the quality of images captured by their eye (e.g., wearing glasses, going through corrective eye surgery), or by enhancing their brain’s image processing abilities.

At some point, every person will suffer from the inevitable natural deterioration in near distance reading capabilities. This deficiency has typically been addressed by traditional products for improvement of reading capabilities, mainly magnification devices such as reading glasses or contact lenses that support reading.

GlassesOff scientists have developed a patented method for boosting the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain, thereby improving a person’s near vision sharpness and reading capabilities.

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Scientifically Proven Solution

Our technology is based on extensive scientific research and achievements that have been published in the leading scientific publications, such as
NaturePNAS, Vision Research, Scientific Reports and others.

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Learn how the brain works and how it can influence our visual performance.


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