No More Eye Exercises!

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No More Eye Exercises!

Natural age-related changes in reading performance have typically been addressed by traditional products for near vision correction, which are in fact magnification devices, such as reading glasses. These devices simply increase the print size in texts, making reading easier for anyone, whether they are in their twenties or fifties. Actually, even younger people, with 20/20 vision, will read easier with reading glasses. However, getting accustomed to reading glasses eventually creates a constant dependency on an external device for any activity involving near vision.

There are several solutions claiming to offer eye exercises to improve vision, based on various methods, mainly related to muscle-targeted eye exercises. However, since these methods are aimed at correcting the quality of the images captured by the eyes, it is widely acknowledged by the scientific community that it is impossible to use eye strengthening exercises in the case of the enduring natural inevitable changes in near vision with age. Luckily, following tremendous progress in the understanding of the human brain, scientists now know that vision actually occurs in the brain. For this reason, unlike the traditional approaches limited to the optic aspect of vision, the eye, the innovative GlassesOff product is aimed at compensating for the blurred image captured by the eyes by boosting the image processing in the brain. That’s why GlassesOff is vastly different from both solutions provided by magnification devices, such as reading glasses and the ones based on eye exercises.

Eye Exercises vs. Image Processing

Unlike traditional eye exercises, our patented technology has enabled the development of software solutions enhancing the image processing of the brain, thereby improving near vision sharpness and reading capabilities despite the normal inevitable deterioration of the optics of the eyes with age. The GlassesOff technology platform is based on over 20 years of advanced scientific research of image processing functionality. In a nutshell, it utilizes the remarkable ability of the brain to adapt, termed plasticity or neuroplasticity, constituting the neuronal basis for “perceptual learning”, that is, repeated practice of a demanding visual task.

GlassesOff’s scientific research into the area of image processing functions has yielded a breakthrough in perceptual learning methodologies, which can enhance visual skills by improving the image processing in the visual cortex of the brain without altering the optical function of the eyes. Our perceptual learning methodologies can improve both the processing speed and the sensitivity of the brain cells responsible for interpreting the visual information received from the eyes. Consequently, repetitive exercise of the brain’s image processing function results in improved near vision sharpness, making it easier to read without reading glasses.

GlassesOff – Ongoing Vision Care program

As with any kind of improvement, it is crucial to reinforce the achievements for several years after the basic program is completed. Unlike traditional eye exercises, usually demanding continuously frequent practice to maintain accomplished achievements, gains acquired using GlassesOff are preserved using the Ongoing Vision Care program, only requiring occasional reinforcement. Furthermore, the Ongoing Vision Care program is also aimed at delaying further natural deterioration in near vision sharpness expected with age. Users are prompted to perform a boosting session once every few weeks, according to their up-to-date near vision performance, in order to maintain their gains so they will not be required to use magnifying devices, such as reading glasses, for many years.

Finally, unlike other solutions popping up every now and then, the GlassesOff technology for improvement of near vision sharpness and reading capabilities has been proven effective in controlled studies conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, USA.

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