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The Human Vision

Similar to computers where any image can be represented by a binary code of 1’s and 0’s, in the brain’s visual cortex, any image can be represented by a matrix of Gabor patches that vary in spacial frequency, contrast, and orientation. The GlassesOff program uses the exact same Gabor patches in its training sessions.

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Utilize the full potential of the brain

The GlassesOff solution utilizes the remarkable potential of the brain’s ability to change (neuroplasticity).
Scientists now know the brain’s efficiency can be improved by using advanced neuroscience methods.
The GlassesOff proprietary methodology enables users to enhance visual skills by improving the visual cortex’s image-processing speed and efficiency without altering optical functions of the eyes.

GlassesOff method for better reading

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GlassesOff progressively adapts the time intervals between visual stimuli, thereby training the brain to expedite its image processing.

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GlassesOff constantly monitors the contrast detection threshold (ability to distinguish
between shades of gray) and progressively increases its difficulty level.

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Each brain is unique, therefore, GlassesOff technology constantly adapts to each user’s vision performance throughout the training program.

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Research Highlights

Over the past decade, the effectiveness of the GlassesOff product was examined in several studies, including a study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, USA and published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

Users’ benefits are clearly indicated in the published results:

  • Reading Function – all users were able to read font size smaller than standard newspaper font size.
  • Reading Duration – about 90% of participants regained the ability to read for hours without experiencing dizziness or headaches.
  • Reading Speed – reading speed improved by 17 words read aloud per minute at a small letter size.
  • “Eyes Age” – eye age was reduced by an average of 8.6 years.

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