Tips for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision.

5 wide Tips for Achieving Your Sharpest Near Vision. So you’ve decided to take control of your vision and you registered for GlassesOff. You breezed through the vision evaluation, received your personal training plan and now you’re motivated to train that brain. But, is sticking to your training plan enough to get results? The answer, in most cases, is yes. However, there are some changes that you can make to your everyday life to help you achieve your best results. By following these five GlassesOff tips, you will enhance the brain’s ability to learn and adjust to its newly acquired capabilities much faster. We’ll start with the first tip – but a very important one –
Tip #1 – Avoid Using Reading Glasses
The GlassesOff method was developed to improve near vision by enhancing how your brain processes visual information. As a result, you will notice an increase in vision sharpness when looking at things close to you. However, it will be more difficult for you to experience improvement if you continue to wear glasses that correct your near vision, including reading glasses and multifocal lenses. Wearing corrective glasses will not give your brain a chance to use and adapt to its new skills. Imagine if you are training in a fitness program, and for one hour a day you work with a personal trainer doing intense physical activity. In the other hours of the day, you wouldn’t completely lose all of your healthy habits, would you? You would continue to be health conscious and fitness conscious, taking the stairs whenever possible, eating healthy, and staying disciplined and committed to your goals at all times. GlassesOff is that fitness session and avoiding your reading glasses is that eating healthy and taking the stairs part. It all matters!
If you find yourself absolutely needing to use reading glasses or multifocal lenses, then do wear them, but try to minimize their use until you no longer need them. Also if you must wear them, try to use glasses with a lower magnification, so your eyes are still forced to work harder than usual.
If you need information on how to make it easier to stop wearing reading glasses or multifocal lenses, read more tips here.

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