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New study shows 40% improvement in visual processing speed in young subjects with 20/20 vision, following use of a new technology by GlassesOff, potentially offering superior athletic performance in sports requiring swift reaction time.

Data published in Nature’s Scientific Reports show gain of 81 milliseconds in processing speed and improvement of 20/20 vision to 20/16 vision, which is typically associated with top athletes in baseball, football, ice-hockey, basketball and tennis

GlassesOff is a patented mobile application that frees you from a dependency on reading glasses by training the visual cortex of your brain to better process visual information and compensate for aging ages. With the success of the brain training app for iOS and Android beginning to spread, the neuroscience technology company looks to its next exciting product.

What if you could improve your ‘game’ by training your brain?

For all of us who play or are involved in sports at various levels, we know it takes commitment to maintain and improve our athleticism. For top athletes, this translates into dedicated hours of regimented practice, stamina and much more, to be a ‘super-athlete’.

But what if we told you that there’s another way to improve your performance, apart from being on the ‘field’?

Our study was made up of thirty-three young participants, average-age 24 with 20/20 vision. sing new and similarly-successful GlassesOff brain training technology over a period of 2 months the participants gained, on average, an increase of 40% in their visual processing speed – 40%!!!

What does this mean?

These results mean that simply by using GlassesOff brain training technology, you can make faster -decisions that can potentially enable you to better your athletic performance.

How is it possible?

GlassesOff scientists have developed a patent-protected neuroscience technology platform to improve the sharpness with which we see things close up. It works by exercising the visual cortex of the brain, which is the part of our brain that processes visual information, and as has now been evidenced, improves our ability to react 40% quicker.

This new study highlights the unlimited possibilities in which GlassesOff can change, not only, the quality of lives for users who train for the purpose of being “GlassesOff” (or glasses-free, but for athletes at all levels.

To read more:
GlassesOff Press Release
GlassesOff scientists study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports on November 28, 2014.


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