Guess what’s new at GlassesOff ?

product page2 Guess what’s new at GlassesOff ?

The New Year brings with it new beginnings and we’re very excited that our users can now experience a new version of GlassesOff for both iOS and Android devices!
The training program itself has not changed but we have made major redesign improvements to help make your training clearer and quicker.
image2 Guess what’s new at GlassesOff ?
The biggest difference you will experience –
Gabor (the gray and white fuzzy image used to test your speed, acuity, contrast sensitivity and reaction time) – now appears automatically.
You won’t need to tap the screen any more for Gabor to appear, allowing for a seamless and quicker training experience.
You can also change the pace between sessions and the application will monitor your performance and if needed, recommend that you change your pace.


What else can you expect to see ?

* Meet Dr. Sharp, your very own trainer, who has real personalized training tips and guidance for you.
* New sound effects and surprise animations

* For our Android users, we are out of the Beta version, so once you update, you will have the full GlassesOff application.

What are you waiting for ?
Sharper vision awaits you!


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